Holly Hedge

Providing shelter from harm and the promise of a brighter future

A thank you from our Founder

As many of you will know, our lovely founder retired at the end of 2013. We would like to reassure everyone that she will still be very much involved with Holly Hedge!

Pauline wanted to share her thanks with all our supporters for their support & dedication over the years, and has put together a few words.

'Thank you all for coming to my retirement party, and giving me a 'good send off'. Thank you also for the lovely cards, presents and flowers, and for making the evening a momentous occasion. Huge thanks to Angela and Katie for organising it all. As for the ’butlers in the buff - what could I do but ‘go with the flow’ …..........

The past 38 years of my life has been an incredible journey – from starting off with nothing but a strong desire to help animals and change their lives for the better after watching a programme on animal cruelty. Animals were always my passion and I loved anything with fur or feathers.
It's really difficult to explain how fast things escalate in the animal welfare world, but in no time at all there were 50 rescues in the family home.
My amazing family helped enormously, and played an integral part in my being able to continue to help the animals – who were very much a part of their lives too.

So with a small group of dedicated supporters, we muddled along from hand to mouth, sometimes not knowing where the money for the next vet bill was coming from.

And then along came the wonderful Esme Berni, who gave the charity her wholehearted support because she believed in our work, and the standard of care given to our rescues. So much so that in 1992 Esme bought Holly Hedge for the charity, and we have never looked back.

There are so many people to thank for Holly Hedge being what it is today - a well established, well respected half way house, renowned for the love, care and devotion to all our precious rescues – and this will never change – not even after my demise, which I hope will be a long time coming!!!!

With dedicated staff and supporters working as part of a team, Holly Hedge can't fail to continue to be a safe haven for animals in need of help. I know the Sanctuary is in safe hands and will continue to thrive.

So thank you all – my family, my friends, and everyone involved with Holly Hedge. I am so proud of what we have achieved together. It has been a great privilege for me to have made this journey – yet somehow I don't think it's over yet, the animals are too much a part of my life, and always will be. I won’t be taking up knitting or flower arranging in a hurry!!!!!!


Pauline with Daisy, who has now been rehomed.