Independent Vetcare Ltd.

Independent Vetcare Ltd.

Independent Vetcare formed in 2011 in Bath and has since become Europe’s largest commercial vet group.

IVC practices retain every inch of their independence – whether it’s the logo above the door or the day-to-day running of things. You may go through your entire vet visit without knowing you’re in an IVC practice!

Instead, IVC focus on what happens behind the scenes. Supporting their practices with everything from hiring new staff to producing social media assets, from refurbishment/building work to payroll.

In April 2018, Independent Vetcare moved their head office to The Chocolate Quarter in Keynsham, where they now employ more than 500 staff. Having originated in the Southwest, IVC are proud to support local communities in their area, as well as to support Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, among other charities they greatly admire.