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Swing For Victory 2019

Wow! We have been bowled over once again by the enormous fundraising efforts of Tania Taber and Ginny Matchwick, whose desire to help our rescues seems to know no bounds! Swing For Victory 2019 has raised a phenomenal £3,022.42!!

This can cover the cost of 7 dogs or cats having much-needed dental surgery, or the removal of nasty lumps causing pain and threatening to become a bigger, life-threatening issue. So to Tania, Ginny, the inimitable team of volunteers, all the donors of prizes and everyone who attended and dug deep, THANK YOU! You are heroes to our animals.

Tania and Ginny are already planning next year’s event, and we can’t wait!

There’s more information on the 75th VE Day anniversary here.

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Sandy & David

Every year on 1st-7th June is National Volunteers week and we like to take the time to mention those who give up their own time, to help those in need.
We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support!
By volunteering and helping us you have changed the lives of animals for the better. Whether you support us in the sanctuary caring for the animals, helping us out with maintenance and gardening, working in one of our offices or in our charity shop, volunteering at events or even organising your own events on our behalf.
No matter how big or small the action, we couldn’t do it without you and you are all a huge help to Holly Hedge!

A very special thank you to David and Sandy who have been volunteering for Holly Hedge for an astounding 27 years, and done almost every job under the sun! They continue to help at the Sanctuary in many ways at least three days a week, often working with our nervous dogs to build their confidence, we hope for many years to come as they’re a great asset to the Sanctuary!

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Jasper Update

In January we asked you all to help us look after two kittens, Jasper and Beanie with an extremely rare oesophageal condition that meant they would have special needs for life. For anyone new to this story you can read about the 2 special kittens here.

Your donations made a huge difference and covered the cost of all their medical needs to date, which is incredible for both the kittens and us as a charity!

Around a month ago, Joe Perry Gupp contacted us and said he wanted to make each of them a special feeding station with a raised bowl, so when they ate food it would pass naturally down their oesophagus, making their lives as normal as possible. This felt like a dream come true – we had been trying to figure out how to raise the funds for feeding stations for them. Joe works for an innovative design agency and has designed these amazing feeders so as the kittens grow the bowl can be elevated again and again. We are delighted to share pictures of Jasper using his feeding station, and we are told he loves using it! And yes, in more fantastic news; those pictures are taken of him in his new home where he settled in within the space of an hour and is the picture of content!

This is the life that we dream of for all of the animals who come to us, and we are so grateful to all of you for helping them along their journey. Thank you all xx
The Fundraising Team

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Gloucestershire Cricket Club muck in!

A huge thanks to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club who rallied some of their brilliant players to come and give our sensory garden some much needed TLC.
The sensory garden is instrumental in exposing our animals to what they would expect in a normal home; some animals come to us having never lived in a home environment or been outside, having the garden means we can slowly introduce things to them so it’s not too overwhelming when they do find a new home. Thank you all so much, our dogs are especially grateful!

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Julie Bootle’s birthday fundraiser

Julie decided that for her 60th birthday she was going to do something life changing for animals, and fortunately for our residents, Julie picked Holly Hedge as the beneficiary of her birthday fundraiser!
Julie is aiming to raise £1,687 to cover a day’s running costs of the sanctuary, and she is doing a bang up job so far, having already reached 60% of her target. Julie’s fundraiser is below, please do take a look and show her your support! Go Julie, Go!

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The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

A huge thank you to all of our incredible Pledges; Cyberfive, ALD Automotive, Chubb Fire & Security, John Hall, Nicky Leeson, Mary Boyce, Julie Cole and Robert and Christine Browne.
Our amazing Pledges match funded £3,000 worth of donations from our wonderful supporters, and this meant we also were eligible for an extra donation of £1,415 from our Champion, The Reed Foundation. In total we have raised the grand total of £9,887! We are so truly grateful to each and every person who donated, read and shared our campaign.
You are all heroes to our animals.