Payroll Giving is a great way for your employees to make regular donations to their charity of choice. A Payroll Giving Agency will handle payroll donations on behalf of employees and companies ensuring their donations go to their chosen charities. Payments that your employees make through a Payroll Giving Scheme are deducted from their pay before tax is deducted. This means that employees are given tax relief immediately, and at their highest rate of tax.

If your company is not yet registered with an Inland Revenue approved Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) you will need to do so. A Payroll Giving Scheme is free to introduce and easy to administer. See the Inland Revenue website for a detailed listing by clicking here.

Once registered, pass the payroll giving forms received from your employees onto your PGA and they will do the rest. The PGA is responsible for adding the tax onto a donor’s gift and transferring the total sum to the donor’s nominated charity.