Ellie’s Broken Leg

Meet Ellie, a happy, silly girl who loves to greet everyone and cuddle up with her brother, Barney who also came from Holly Hedge. Ellie has a beautiful life now, where her only worry is if Barney gets to the best sleeping spots before she does, but things could have been very different.

At just a year old she severely broke her leg in an accident, and her owners were unable to afford the surgery she needed. Ellie’s future was bleak, without the surgery she would need to be put to sleep as her leg was causing her so much pain.

With Ellie so young, sweet and full of life, the vet wanted her owners to have time to think about her future, so a splint was put on her leg to stop it from getting any worse and she was given strong pain killers. Worried for what decision might be made, a caring vet nurse called our out of hours emergency line to ask if we would take her if Ellie would be put to sleep. Ellie’s surgery would not be cheap and was quoted at between £1,500 – £2000, but how could we deny this girl the chance at a lifetime of happiness? The owners gave their permission for her to be signed over to us, and Ellie had surgery and went straight into a lovely foster home, which has become her forever home!

Our vet bills every month are between £10,000 – £17,000 because there are so many dogs and cats like Ellie who need our help. Please click here to read Ellie’s appeal in full, and consider donating towards her vet bills so we can continue to help animals like her.