Josie at Lunch

To make you smile! Josie is looking after our dogs on our Iso block, and instead of eating her lunch in her car our Kennel and Cattery Manager, Lucinda set her up with her very own picnic table – complete with tablecloth and flowers! Our staff are all working within set blocks and areas, to limit any contact and keep risk at minimum. This is a little difficult in a small Sanctuary, but we are adapting as we must!

Our Iso block is where our unvaccinated or stray dogs go when they first come into the Sanctuary, and where any dogs who might need a little extra space between them and the public go. Our team are fantastic at working with any dogs that have any behavioural issues, before we find their forever home.

Josie has been with us for nearly five years and loves all of our dogs as if they were her own. If you have adopted a dog from us and have met Josie, please do leave her some love in the comments. We’re so grateful for our incredible team taking care of our animals and working even harder on their behalf! We’ll be using the lock down to highlight some of our integral team members and hopefully make you feel like you’re with us in spirit!