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Meet: Nicky

How long have you been at Holly Hedge?
10 years

What made you choose to join Holly Hedge?
One visit and I was hooked for life! I’ll never forget the first time I was there; it was tea time in the cattery and a trolley was being wheeled up and down the corridor whilst the cats’ meal charts and additional information were being closely observed. Individual wishes and requirements such as ‘china water bowl for me please’ and ‘only likes gourmet brands’ became etched in my memory! Holly Hedge is a very special place where we all believe that every animal deserves a second chance at happiness, regardless of age or medical conditions – we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they can enjoy quality of life with a bright new future to look forward to.

What is your role here?
Volunteer & Trustee

What is your favourite thing to do here?
I particularly love dog walking & cat cuddling and sitting with the nervous animals, gaining their trust. When you see them grow in confidence and come out of their shells, it really is the best feeling, (as well as the one you get when they go off to their new homes). Our ‘longer stay’ animals tend to get a ‘red carpet’ send off which can be pretty emotional, but we’re always delighted for them when their wait is over, with wounds healed and faith in humanity restored and so much happiness ahead of them. Homechecking is very rewarding, especially when you get to visit the animals in their forever homes looking completely ‘blissed out’. I also love helping with fundraising events and doing talks/visits for the Sanctuary.

What are you doing to keep away isolation boredom?
Cat cuddling (at home) and dog walking are the top two, and luckily there’s lots of Holly Hedge admin I can do for the Sanctuary at home which is keeping me busy.

Tell us your favourite joke.
Any joke that comes out of Graham Norton’s mouth!