Wild Life Meadow


A Wild Flower Meadow for Butterflies & Bees and Doggy Heaven

A Local Housing Development  is affecting Woodland & Wild Life Habitat

The Woodland next to the Sanctuary Site in Wild Country Lane Country Lane was taken over by a Housing Developer and building work north of Church Wood began in 2016.

Damage to the ancient woodland and the affect on our neighbouring woodland creatures could not be ignored which is why Holly Hedge Trustees decided to purchase the field next to its entrance to provide a haven for wild life and restore lost habitat.

With the help of an Avon Wild Life Ecologist, plans were discussed to create a Wild Flower Meadow, build a Stone Bat Folly and a install a wild life pond. The meadow will provide a safe haven for wildlife, bringing local bats, birds, deer and woodland creatures under the protection of the Sanctuary.

The new Meadow will also offer 3. 5acres of open space for Holly Hedge Rescue Dogs to run free…..

Our dogs have historically walked the woodland since the Sanctuary opened its doors in 1992 and because of strict safety rules must always be exercised on harness and on a lead.

Our play paddocks are fun but too small for properly running free, happily, the new Freedom Meadow will give the dogs plenty of open space to run and explore.

Installations for the Flower Meadow 

  • Wild Flower Meadow planting, to provide food for bats and encourage butterflies and bees.
  • Footpath to protect meadow planting
  • Install a Wild Life Pond
  • Build a Bat Folly
  • Create Wonderful Planting & seating
  • Meadow Store and Tractor Mower


   This Conservation Biodiversity Project is being funded by


Everyone involved with Holly Hedge would like to extend their gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Viridor Credits for their contribution to our Meadow Project which will help us protect our neighbouring wild and enable us to create and enhance habitat  The support will also help us to launch our Wild Flower Meadow Campaign and widen our education program.

We would also like to Thank Freemans Quarry for donating aggregates and stone, so very much appreciated.


The Conservation Project will be supported and partnered by, Avon Wildlife Trust who will advise, monitor and store records.

Avon Wild Services will be inst

alling the Pond and Folly, Planting hedgerows and saplings and helping with the Wild Flower Campaign.

RSPB, Avon Bat group, Butterfly Conservation and the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause will provide learning resources and help with Wild Life identification of species.

Secret World Wild Life Rescue will continue to support us with medical care for any injured or sick wild life coming into our care.

The Sanctuary’s Wild Life Protection campaign is also supported by Barrow Gurney Parish Council, Stancombe Quarry, and, Freemans Quarry will kindly donate aggregates and stone.   

 Holly Hedge also have exciting plans to provide more parking and expand the Reception area to create a Resource Centre, Gift Shop and Cafe. This will expand our visitor welcome area and we hope our supporters will join our effort to raise funds to create a haven for all animals in our care.