Give Christmas to our Animals

Over the colder months the rate of adoptions for rescue animals go down, whilst our heating & electric bills rise. When an animal comes to us we make a promise their life will only be good, with your help we can give them the Christmas they deserve.

At Holly Hedge we rehome up to 800 animals a year. These animals come to us abandoned, fearful, broken in spirit and body, and we make them a promise that they will never feel that way again. We give them food, warmth, love and work to show them they can trust people. The day they leave us for their forever homes is what we work for, we believe every animal deserves a family.

If you have read our Paws in Peril appeal you’ll know that we struggle financially to keep up with the insurmountable numbers of cats and dogs coming to us in urgent need of veterinary treatment. Some are strays like Karma, found cold, hungry and unsure of what they did wrong to be left on the street. Many have needed expensive operations to give them a new lease of life. Others like Panda have been in road accidents with no owner coming forward, or have been found emaciated, dehydrated and need emergency treatment. Hardening our hearts and turning away animals in dire need is not an option we want to consider.

Christmas and the coming cold months are always a hard time for shelters. Some of our animals with more traumatic backgrounds have been with us for over a year and this will be their second Christmas in a shelter. We hope you can help us show them what Christmas means, and help us keep our promise to them until we find their forever families.

We invite all our supporters to come and visit our grateful residents at Holly Hedge, so you can see how your generous donations help us save lives.