Christmas Appeal 2021

Our beautiful animals at Holly Hedge wish you all a very Happy Christmas & all good wishes for the New Year as they send this special plea from the bottom of their precious rescued hearts…..

A Special Christmas Appeal from our Animals

It’s that time of year again for party decorations.
Lots of present giving and festive celebrations.
Our list for Father Christmas
Consists of just one thing –
To find forever homes.
Would make our dear hearts sing.
That said, we’re truly grateful
That we can be here,
Where love comes in abundance
Right throughout the year.
But when our carers leave at night
And tuck us up in bed,
We cannot help but dream of things
And these go through our heads:
Christmas with our families,
Cosy nights at home,
The knowledge that we’ll never ever
Find ourselves alone.
We’re always given presents here
And lots of tasty food,
They really do their utmost
To bring that festive mood.
Some of us arrive here
In a dreadful state,
Though now we know our futures
Really could be great.
To help us with those vet bills
And all the food we eat,
Could you spare some pennies
To give us Christmas treats?
For those of us still fearful
And troubled by our pasts,
We’re given all that’s needed
To mend our broken hearts.
So please if you are willing
Could you make a pledge
To help we dogs and cats this Christmas
Here at Holly Hedge?