Romi’s Appeal


Hello all you lovely people. I say lovely because my faith has been restored in humans since being at Holly Hedge. That said, it’s high time I moved out of my cattery and into something bigger and better – that is if there is someone out there who will take me into their heart and home, and love me for who I am, flaws and all. I don’t have a great background, I’m not the most handsome cat on the catwalk and lost any street cred I might have had when Holly Hedge took me for a day trip to the vets.

The truth is I used to be a street cat, and it’s a tough old world out there, having to fight other cats to get a morsel of food, and being shooed away and shouted at trying to sneak in and pinch pampered cats’ dinners. Why couldn’t someone just once give me a dinner that looked that nice and smelled so delicious? I was battered, bruised, and covered in war wounds, and always so hungry. I travelled miles in search of anything to fill my rumbling tummy and was in a sorry, bedraggled state. When it rained I got soaked to the skin, and the cold winters chilled me to the bone. I felt like I had been thrown on the scrap heap and my life couldn’t get any worse, and to top it all I had raging toothache and it hurt to walk as one of my claws was growing into my skin. At my lowest ebb, I sat in someone’s garden when it was dark and quiet, feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t expecting what happened next and couldn’t believe my eyes when a human came outside and I could smell food, just like the posh cats ate, and she left it near her doorstep in a dish! I just couldn’t risk taking the chance that another hungry cat would devour it before me, so I ran over and wolfed it down in seconds forgetting all about my toothache and how scared I was of humans. It tasted so good, and my tummy was full for the first time in ages. I waited to see if there were second helpings but that really was pushing my luck, so I went back the following night just in case, and out she came again with more delicious food. This lifted my spirits, and I even felt like having a wash. Well, I wasn’t about to give up on a good thing, so I kept visiting and my lovely human Angel kept feeding me mouth-watering food. I felt alive and almost ready to face the world again. But all good things come to an end – for me anyway, and one night my food was put in a different place. It smelt even more appetising than ever, and as I was tucking in a door came down and I was carted off to somewhere called Holly Hedge. I was mortified and petrified, what was going on?

So here I was, in a strange place not knowing what was to become of me. At least the food was good but I didn’t want to be there. The people were nice to me which helped a bit, then they took me to this place called the vets, who took 2 of my biggest teeth out and also robbed me of my dignity. I wasn’t too happy about that, but strangely enough my toothache had gone, and a few days later I felt better. But sadly I was in for some bad news, the vet had taken a blood test and the results were that I had feline aids. How could I feel so fit and well? My carers, who I had learned to gradually trust told me I could live a normal, happy life for years, and I thought “who wants to live in a cattery?” I had lived at Holly Hedge for 4 months and no one wanted me because I was shy and FIV positive, but I am no threat to humans. I have become quite docile and was able to meet other cats in the large cat garden who also had FIV, but they didn’t like me, and I just wanted a quiet life now I have mellowed. My street cat days are over, I don’t need to fight to survive as I always have plenty to eat, and I have cosy beds to sleep in which is much better than sleeping under a bush. I would love to experience more of the joys of life as I have missed out on so much. I do like to be gently stroked but let my carers know when I’d had enough, and they respect that. I am ready to say goodbye to Holly Hedge and search for someone very special to share my life with – someone who will give this old alley cat a chance of spending the cold winters in the comforts of a cosy home, and a cat proof outside space to lie in the sunshine and think how lucky I am. A home in the country would be nice, but I know that is probably too much to ask so I am open to suggestions. I will always be indebted to the lovely lady who cared enough to help me in my hour of need and take me to Holly Hedge where I have the chance of finding my forever home and to live a normal and fulfilled life for the first time in many years. Please don’t think I am a lost cause because I have feline aids, I am fitter than I have ever been, and cats like me can live to a ripe old age, so please don’t write me off. I have suffered starvation, abuse and had to face whatever the elements and life on the streets threw at me, struggling for my very existence. I’m not that cat anymore, and I long for someone to love me and to live in a quiet and caring forever home to make my life complete – I promise I won’t be any trouble.

Love Romi

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