• Name: Kittens
  • Location: On Site
  • Status: Available
  • Breed: Various
  • Age: 4-7 weeks old
  • Sex: Male & Female
  • Type of Road: Quiet/Medium
  • Time able to be left : Red: 3hrs - Age: 9-16 wks - Meals: 4 - 6
  • Good with Children: Sensible Older
  • Good with Dogs: Unknown
  • Good with Cats: Unknown
  • Reason for Rehoming: Abandoned
  • Ideal Home: Loving Forever Home

We know there are lots of people looking to adopt our kittens, and we are excited to find them all loving homes.

There is a huge demand for kittens at the moment, especially as so many other shelters have reduced their services and as a result we are seeing a surge of kittens being sold online – some of them too young to be separated from their mothers. Things might take a little longer through a Sanctuary and unlike breeders, our kittens aren’t available until they are 9 weeks old. We have to wait until our kittens have had their first vet check, vaccinations and we know there are no hidden health issues. Currently many of them are 4-7 weeks old, and as we have been rescuing many stray kittens who haven’t been around people for their whole short lives, some of our kittens will need further socialisation before they are able to leave our care.

We are truly grateful to everyone patiently waiting, we appreciate that you want to adopt and save a life and we hope you will bear with us whilst our kittens are growing and getting ready to find their forever homes. Please note that if you have already submitted a form we will be in touch with you soon, and you are welcome to give us a gentle nudge.

Please fill in the form here, and include as much detail about you and your home as possible. Please note some of our kittens will be happier to be rehomed in pairs, especially if they have been born outside as a stray. Our kittens will all need access to a safe garden for them to play and run in.

We do ask that for the first few months you will be home for most of the day, kittens need lots of attention! We are also unable to home kittens to homes on a main road that do not have a secure garden where they can roam safely – it’s estimated that 230,000 cats are killed in traffic incidents in the UK each year, which is heartbreaking. We want all our cats and kittens to have long and happy lives, and can offer some advice on catios or cat proofing your garden, or you are welcome to take a look here.

Please note our kittens will have individual needs, some may be fine with young, sensible children and some may need a quiet home, some may be shy and prefer to go in pairs. Please give as much information as possible in the form and if your application is successful we will keep it on file and let you know when we have a kitten who is the best fit for your home and family.