Milo & Samba
  • Name: Milo & Samba
  • Location: On Site
  • Status: Reserved
  • Breed: Tabby/Tabby & White DSH
  • Age: 4 years/4 months
  • Sex: Males
  • Type of Road: Quiet
  • Time able to be left : Red/Amber: 3-4 hrs
  • Good with Children: Teens
  • Good with Dogs: No
  • Good with Cats: Possibly
  • Reason for Rehoming: Unable to Keep
  • Ideal Home: Calm and Loving Home

Milo is the older sibling of Samba and is a lovely big brother to him. Both are a little shy at first but Milo really enjoys affection once you start stroking him.

Samba is a thoughtful kitten who can be a little worried by new things and needs time to sit back and assess the situation before deciding to interact. He will need calm interactions in his new home but enjoys playing once he feels comfortable and will become affectionate once he has bonded with you.

To apply for Milo & Samba, please email  stating your current situation & working hours and reasons for wanting to adopt them. Please note, we will only be able to accept applications that match their needs. Please also consider if your work hours and situation will still be suitable on a long term basis.

Due to limited staffing and the high level of inquiries at present, there may be a delay, but we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.