• Name: Bobby
  • Age: 5
  • Sex: Male
  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Status: Available
  • Location: Foster Home
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Good with Dogs: Yes, Not to live with
  • Good with Children: No, Adults Only

Bobby is in search of  a very special and patient forever home with someone prepared to give him a second chance. Bobby is a happy little chap who loves a fuss and really enjoys his walks and going out and about, however he also has issues with guarding in the home. He isn’t selective and often finds the strangest, most random items of interest. He gets bored easily and this is when he can get up to all sorts of mischief. This issue cannot be ignored and must be carefully managed in the home, however after spending time in an experienced foster home we are confident that his issues are manageable but the advice given must be followed. Because of this behaviour it is advisable to only re-home to an adults only home, he would ideally suit an active home, perhaps a couple who like to go out and about and are happy to work on his rehabilitation together. He loves dogs off lead and will play nicely although he can have a bark when on lead, although he does walk nicely on the lead and will trot alongside you. In the home we would prefer him to live as an only pet and ideally we would prefer someone who works from home or has taken early retirement to be able to spend time with him during the day to prevent him getting bored.

Bobby is an amazing lad with so much love to give, we know in the right home he will thrive and your hard work will be rewarded with a fantastic fun little dog, who loves to love. Please call or email our re-homing team for more information.









Update in Bobby’s foster home

Bobby is pretty much your typical Yorkie – very loving, playful, inquisitive and a little ball of energy! In his original home he had very little exercise, if any, and we were told he didn’t know how to play. His owners loved him dearly, but Bobby needed to let off steam – so he invented his own game of randomly guarding anything that dropped on the floor, or any item left around. If anyone tried to take his prize from him, he would turn into a Yorkshire terrorist, growling and baring his teeth. On the rare occasion he would actually snap and mean it if he was challenged! Because of grandchildren visiting often, his owners decided they had to let him go, so Bobby came to Holly Hedge. By now, anyone reading this will be thinking “who on earth would want a dog like that?”. As Bobby wasn’t coping well in kennels, and didn’t have a good history, we decided he needed a foster home to find out more about his character. Also, we neutered him which didn’t go down too well with the bewildered little chap.

Bobby settled in well, and gave lots of kisses, welcoming all visitors into the house with excitement, and loved all the fuss. There were a few initial guarding issues, which were ignored for a good 10-20 minutes as he was expecting to be challenged. When he realised no-one was interested in what he had, it was easy to lure him away with a tasty morsel, either to a different room or outside, so the “prize” could be removed. He then came back in and acted like his normal sweet and loving self when he realised there was nothing to guard. I strongly believe that his guarding issues culminated from boredom, and escalated to what he thought was a very good game! After being fostered here for 6 weeks, enjoying 3 good walks a day, playing ball in the garden, and being fed twice daily rather than grazing as he was used to doing, Bobby is so much better. He has almost given up on his guarding game, and only reverts to it occasionally when I accidentally drop something and he just can’t resist it. So if you’re still reading this and want to know more about Bobby please ring Holly Hedge on 01275 474719 or email He isn’t perfect, and may never be, but he is a loveable, comical little chap, full of fun and energy. Bobby will need a home with no other pets or children, and experienced dog owner/s who can give him lots of company, cuddles and exercise. In return he will give that special someone his heart and his devotion – but not his prize!