• Name: Dexter
  • Age: 1
  • Sex: Male
  • Breed: Lurcher
  • Status: Available
  • Location: Home from Home
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Good with Dogs: No
  • Good with Children: Yes, 14 years +

Dexter is a gorgeous boy who is affectionate and loving but also likes his own company. For various reasons, but through no fault of his own, Dexter is looking for a new home that is experienced with Sighthounds, Lurchers or similar breeds who can understand his needs. Dexter does get on with some dogs and has various friends, however this is usually after careful introductions, as on the lead he will be reactive to dogs and is quite anxious about small children. Due to this reactivity, it is essential that his new home be situated in a quieter area , away from busy streets or parks to help him slowly gain his confidence in the outside world.

We would like him to find a home where he can work on his socialisation skills and we would recommend one to one sessions with a recommended behaviorist.  Dexter is an escape artist so secure fencing is a must! A fabulous dog who will make a wonderful companion in the right home who can give him all the attention and time he needs.