• Name: Lola
  • Age: 1
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed: Collie Cross springer
  • Status: Interest
  • Location: Home from Home
  • Good with Cats: Yes, Possibly
  • Good with Dogs: Yes, Not to live with
  • Good with Children: Some, But not to live with

Lola is a gorgeous looking girl who is so affectionate and loving, building a very strong bond with her owners. Sadly underneath her lovingness is quite an anxious personality, wary of new people and sadly although she has lived with children since they were born, she is now finding them too much to be around and is having to be separated from them when they are at home. Obviously long term this is not a solution and her current home have made the sad decision that she needs an adult only home with people who are able to give her the time she needs and help build her confidence. It doesn’t take more than a few biscuits and sitting quietly until Lola realises you are safe, and she will happily stick her head in your hands for a cuddle. She would suit an experienced home, preferably with collie/springer knowledge as she has some very typical traits of both breeds. Smart and intelligent she would thrive at training. She gets along with other animals including cats and dogs, however she can be jealous and would be protective around food particularly so we would suggest that she would be better living as an only pet so she can have all the time and attention she deserves.


Currently still in her home, please call the Sanctuary for more information.