• Name: Skyla
  • Age: 18 months
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed: Small Shepherd Crossbreed
  • Status: Available
  • Location: Home from Home
  • Good with Cats: Unknown
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Children: Yes, 14 years +

Beautiful Skyla is currently in a home waiting for her forever person to offer her a lifetime of happiness. Sadly we have discovered that Sky is afraid of some men, hiding away from the ones she meets and had become very scared in her home. Her past is unknown to us but she has been passed around since a young pup which has all led to this gentle girl becoming scared of the world around her. She adores the female owner and bonds extremely quickly loving a cuddle and would also love another very calm dog to live with to help build her confidence. She will need a well fenced secure garden to play in and ideally a female only home, although we do feel with a male who is around a lot to help get to know her then she could be fine. She has slowly got used to being left alone for a couple of hours but would love someone who can devote all their time to her, perhaps someone that works from home. growing in confidence daily, in the right home we really feel this beautiful affectionate girl will thrive. Please give this girl a chance to shine and be loved.