Starved & Neglected Please help us to help dogs like Penny








Sadly we are seeing an increase in the number of animals coming into our care that need urgent medical attention and lots of TLC to get them back to full health.

One of those dogs is a little lady called Penny was brought to us in a terrible state, severely underweight, malnourished and terrified.

Her rescuer had seen her with a group of people and realising she was not being cared for at all, approached them to see if he could help. After agreeing that they would sell her for £20, the rescuer didn’t hesitate to get Penny away from them and brought her to us knowing that we could provide all the care and veterinary help she clearly needed.

Our vet was surprised at how malnourished she was and was also concerned about possible Lungworm as her breathing was so labored. Treatment was started straight away and a course of antibiotics. She is still undergoing veterinary care to help rebuild her strength and weight but we hope with plenty of TLC with us she will make a full recovery in time.

However, being completely self funded and independent we cannot survive without the kind donations that people give us to help fund the work we do. With running costs over £600k a year, we so desperately need urgent funding, and we urge anyone that could even spare enough to forfeit one cup of coffee to please donate and help us to help lovely dogs like Penny who are so desperate for a warm bed, lots of cuddles, good food and veterinary care.

Please help us share this appeal far and wide in the hope that support will come. Thank you so much in advance x