Monty Halls

Monty Halls


“Without Holly Hedge, there would be no Reuben – and many hundreds of other dogs and cats just like him. I simply can’t praise the work they do enough. With limited funds and highly motivated, professional staff, they have created something truly special that has saved the lives of countless animals. It is an extraordinary place run by extraordinary people for the very best of reasons.”

Monty came to Holly Hedge and found his best friend Reuben. Together they have gone on many adventures presenting many of his famous BBC shows such as the Great Escape series. As well as his work in television, Monty is also an explorer and marine biologist, and we are honoured that he is our Patron. Have a look at our video (it’s on our home page), all about the work that we do, starring Monty and Reuben!

Sadly Reuben was diagnosed with heart disease in 2015 and was eventually put to sleep in 2016, dyeing in peace in Monty’s arms.

We still consider Reuben as our Ambassadog, and know that he keeps a close eye on the sanctuary from his dog bed in the sky. He champions our Pet Care Advice page -this page is written by Holly Hedge, with years’ worth of experience, to help owners look after their new pet when they get them home. It also lists house and garden items that can be dangerous to animals. Visit Reuben’s Pet Care Centre to find out more.

Holly Hedge is so pleased that Monty and Reuben found each other at the Sanctuary, and that Reuben found fame and a place in the nation’s heart. The more the public know about the amazing animals in rescue centres up and down the country the better. We hope that many more people, who are able to offer a loving forever home to an animal, follow Monty’s great example and adopt a deserving animal from a rescue centre like Holly Hedge.