Wild Life Meadow

Holly Hedge buy field to protect habitat & create a Wildlife haven

In November 2017 Holly Hedge purchased the field next to its entrance to enable the Sanctuary to create a Wild Flower Meadow and new habitat to protect existing species.

Holly Hedge are trying to create a safe haven for wildlife affected by local housing development in neighbouring woodland and bring local bats, birds and woodland creatures within the protection of the Sanctuary.

With the help of our Partner Avon Wild Life Trust and a financial Grant form Viridor Credits Environmental Company, a Biodiversity Project began in 2018 with the installation of a Wildlife Pond and a Stone Bat Folly.

The Meadow will also provide open space for rescue dogs to run free. They enjoy their woodland walks but for safety reasons would always be in harness and lead with trained handlers.

We also planted Pond Marginals, Hedgerows and Trees in the meadow, and Herbaceous plants in the sanctuary gardens. The increase in insects will feed birds and bats and encourage butterflies and bees.

Stage 2 & 3 of the project will include a Shingle Perimeter Footpath and the building of a Resource Centre, Gift Shop and Cafe by extending the existing Visitor Reception & Welcome Area.

We invite our supporters to join our effort to raise funds to create a haven for all animals in our care.

PROJECT SITE – Installation Program

A Steering Group has been appointed to Manage the Wild Life Project
‘Holly Hedge Meadow Trust’

Project Coordinator & Contact – Pam Bytheway (Holly Hedge Treasurer) 01275 474719


STAGE 1 – BIODIVERSITY – Wild Life Protection Plan

Holly Hedge North Meadow with the Wild Flower seed installation 2019 (inset)


Viridor Credits Environmental Company Grant £36,000

Wild Life Pond and Bat Folly Installations (pond complete, folly still under construction)

Holly Hedge Pond site with temporary protective picket fence

Images of pond site planting – Marginals, Pollinators & water plants…..

Other Completed Elements of the Project include the following …..

Perimeter Trees, Hedgerows, Shrubs and Climbers

Fencing, Pond & Folly Site
Meadow Store
Land Tractor & Seed Spreader
Meadow Barn
Wild life Friendly Deer Gate & Fencing

100% Native Wild Flower Seed will be scattered in 2019

STAGE 2 & 3 – Resource Centre Disabled Access & Parking – Perimeter Path

Reception Extension:

Existing Reception Building
Proposed Extension

PROPOSED EXTENSION Resource/ Education Facility with Gift Shop & Café Cost £50,000
Match Funding Grant – £20,000 Postcode Lottery

Proposed Meadow Perimeter Path – £19,000

Thank You !

Holly Hedge would like to thank the amazing people who have contributed so far to support this project. This generosity of spirit and financial help from special people has enabled us to protect and increase habitat and our neighbouring woodland creatures, without encroaching on the Domestic Animal Welfare Funds.

Grant providers have made this project possible and we would also like to acknowledge the generosity of Viridor Credits Environmental Company who funded the initial Biodiversity Installations, planting and Wild Flower Seed, with a Grant of £36,000.
We would also wish to thank our local community funds, Freemans Quarry (Cemex), Stancombe Quarry (Tarmac), Bristol Airport Community Fund, Tesco Bags of Help, and other individual donations.

We are now raising money to increase our education program by extending the Reception area to build a Resource Area and Gift Shop &Café and install a footpath. A Grant of £20,000 from Postcode Lottery has provided the Match Funding. We need to raise a further £30,000 – Watch this Space!

The Trustees, staff & Volunteers are overwhelmed with gratitude for this wonderful support.

Can you help?
We are also looking for a knowledgable volunteer to look after the planting and we need an experienced gardener, horticultural person to advise and support the team to look after the meadow and its trees, and the border planting within the sanctuary. If you are interested in either of these please fill in our Volunteer Application Form here and under “Which volunteer role(s) are you interested in applying for:” tick Other and enter “Wild Life Meadow”.