Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a local independent charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. We receive no funding from the government or National Lottery and rely on the generosity and goodwill of our supporters to keep our kennel and cattery doors open. It costs approximately £650,000 every year to run – that’s over £1,780 each and every single day. We rescue and rehome around 1000 animals each year finding loving and responsible new homes for each and every one of them. No animal is put to sleep unless we are advised that it is in their best interest to do so by a veterinary surgeon, this decision is never taken lightly.

Christmas Card Contest 2019

Are you a pro with a paintbrush? Creative with a crayon? Then we need you!

Holly Hedge are launching our first EVER Christmas card competition, where you have the chance to have your very own design on our 2019 Christmas cards!

We are open to designs from entrants of all ages; with 3 age categories we will have 3 winners! The winning designs will be sold to raise funds for the hundreds of animals we rescue each year.

You can produce your design in any way you wish. For example it could be a drawing, painting, collage or a photograph.

For full information please see here.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019

The Christmas Shoebox Appeal asks that you help make Christmas special for those animals in Holly Hedge, by filling up a shoe box with cat or dog related products, and help make their Christmas special too.

Here at Holly Hedge, we are particularly in need of toys for the cats and dogs, as they really help with training and socialisation, which ultimately helps us rehome them.

For full information please see here.


Hello people, I’m Henry, and I’m miserable. I’ve been at Holly Hedge for 9 months now, and no-one has ever looked at me twice, or has ever given me the benefit of the doubt or wanted to find out anything about me. All they see is this big black and white cat hissing and recoiling away with eyes like saucers, but this is because I’m so scared. I lived on the streets for years having to fend for myself and fight for my food. A few people were kind to me, but mostly I was shouted at, and shooed off, especially when I found a way to get into cat flaps and steal their cats’ food. Well I was so hungry I had to resort to drastic measures or I wouldn’t have survived, especially in the bitter cold winters I had to endure! Sleeping rough was so miserable but I had no choice. Even the cats in the neighbourhood didn’t like me, and I got into quite a few scrapes – I felt so unloved and unwanted and I became petrified of people, and began to have a go at the resident cats before they had a go at me. It was a sad lonely old life! Then one day I was found with a big gash on my side and one of the few kind people took me to the vet. Well they patched me up and also took something away – my testicles!! To add insult to injury I was then taken to Holly Hedge where I was diagnosed with FIV – and I’m still here!! I guess I had one altercation too many! The sadness is overwhelming and all the odds are against anyone wanting me.

I have to say it doesn’t suit me here at all. I get really good food, and my carers try their best to make friends with me, but I just want my own space where I can be my rather aloof self, with no other cats in sight. I dream of better days, where a caring human will love me on my own terms, for who I am, and be patient with me. I have suffered neglect and hardship, and have felt like the loneliest cat on the planet, but I truly want to belong and begin to enjoy life if only there is someone out there who can see beyond my fear. I may not greet you with open paws, but I promise you will make my day. A chance of happiness is all I ask for, even though I may not show it. Thank you for listening, and perhaps I might even have a visitor one day. I live in hope for a happy ending soon.

Donations of Dry Dog Food

We are sorry but due to major storage issues we are only able to accept unopened and in date “Grain Free” or Veterinary Dry Dog Food at present. (Donations of tinned dog food is not affected).

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Applications for Dog Walking and Cat Cuddling Volunteers

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening applications to volunteer with the animals at the sanctuary. However some restrictions will still apply due to the high numbers of volunteers currently attending.

We are currently only looking for weekday volunteers, ideally for Mondays or Fridays from 11am – 1pm and 1pm – 3pm, who can commit to volunteering at least twice a month and for a minimum term of 6 months due to the training and time involved. Inductions are held on a Friday at 3pm. Please note there is still a waiting list for inductions.

Alternatively, if you are able to dedicate your time on a weekly basis and would like to be more heavily involved with the daily care of our feline residents, then we are also looking for help with cleaning and feeding the cats, working alongside the team to provide necessary enrichment. This position would need you to commit to a half/whole day on a set day per week on a regular basis. Applicants would need to be over 16+ and able to work unsupervised. Some experience with cats would be an advantage. For this role please email our Cattery Manager directly at lucinda@hollyhedge.org.uk for more information.

We are currently only looking for volunteers who can attend on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 11am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm – 3pm who can commit to volunteering at least twice a month and for a minimum term of 6 months due to the training and time involved.

Please be advised that we walk dogs in the wood that is adjacent to the kennels and that the path in the wood is muddy throughout the year and some dogs will pull on the lead. Therefore a reasonable degree of fitness and agility is required by our dog walkers.

If you can commit to either role as required then please complete the Volunteer Application Form to apply to join our amazing team. Many thanks.

Paw Pals

Our aim at Holly Hedge is to find all the animals that we take into our care their fur-ever homes. Whilst they stay with us, you could help us to help them by becoming their Paw Pal.

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