Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Pets give so much unconditional love to us throughout their lives, and leaving a gift in your will to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful way for you to return that love and to leave a legacy that will last beyond your own lifetime.

Your legacy will ensure that we can continue to provide a safe-haven for unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs, and find their loving forever homes that they long for and deserve.

Gifts in Wills come in all shapes and sizes, big and small – with gifts ranging from £1 to £20,000,000; from 1% of an estate to 100%; or anything left over after all other gifts have been made. They form a large part of income for the Sanctuary, and so your decision to leave a gift is truly invaluable to us, no matter how much you decide to leave.

If you decide to leave a legacy in your Will to Holly Hedge all you have to do is include the following:

‘I give X% of the residue of my estate/the sum of £….. (whichever applies) to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary (registered charity number 294606) of Wild Country Lane, Barrow Gurney, Bristol, BS48 3SE, for its general purposes. I further direct that the receipt of the person who professes to be the Treasurer or other proper office of the Charity shall be full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy’.

You may want to take this text with you when you visit your solicitor.

Leaving a legacy is easy to do, it’s tax effective, and it enables us to continue our work to provide shelter from harm and the promise of a brighter future. Changing your Will is clearly a private matter, but if you are willing to keep us informed about any decision relating to Holly Hedge, we would greatly appreciate it and it would give us a chance to say thank you. Any information you provide will, of course, remain strictly confidential.

Of course it is completely natural and understandable that people want to think of their loved ones first, but even a tiny percentage of someone’s estate can make a transformational difference to a charity like Holly Hedge and the animals in our care.

Your options

Should you decide that you want to leave something in your Will, you can choose one of the following legacies

Pecuniary legacy (a fixed sum)

A pecuniary legacy is a fixed sum of money. To prevent its real value decreasing over time this gift can be linked with inflation.

Residuary legacy (what’s left after everything else has been given out)

A residuary legacy is a share, or sometimes all, of an estate after all the other payments have been made.

One of the advantages of a residuary legacy is that it will not lose value over time and if you leave a proportion to us you can still ensure other beneficiaries are provided for first.

Specific legacy (a specific item)

A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item, such as property, antiques, jewellery or shares.

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