Storm, Our Much-loved Blue Staffie X

30th October 2007 to 27th January 2020

Storm came to Holly Hedge on 29th December 2009 after his owner could no longer keep him. He was the most loving, gentle and sociable boy who loved to play with other dogs and adored everyone he met and was a great favourite with the staff. Storm was 2 years old with the loveliest temperament. He had not been neutered or microchipped so we sorted that out straight away and Storm went up for adoption.

His life and his world were turned upside down when 2 dog wardens arrived at Holly Hedge a month later stating he was a Pit Bull Type and wanted to meet him and take his measurements. They came back confirming that, although he was a very friendly dog, he met the required statistics therefore he should be seized. Well, we weren’t having that for a moment! This dear, sweet dog had done nothing wrong in his life, and our vet also commented that he was such a lovely boy. We said we would fight for him in court and he would be staying with us, not dragged off to some comfortless quarantine kennels.

We put a case together along with beautiful photos of him and a glowing reference from our vet and on the 16th April 2010 off we went to court to plead for his life. The magistrates showed no emotion when they left the court room to deliberate whether Storm should live or die. Although they only took little more than 15 minutes to come to a decision the wait was agonising. When they returned and said his life would be spared but he would have to be registered under the dangerous dogs act and tattooed with a reference number, insured, as well as being muzzled and kept on a lead in public places. We already had him neutered and microchipped which showed we were responsible – yet it was a bittersweet triumph because his only crime was, he had the misfortune to be born with the wrong measurements. This was not justice, but persecution for the way he looked!

Storm spent a few years living in the staff room where he loved to chill out on the sofas with staff helping them eat their lunch, and relaxing in the garden on a nice day. This adorable boy seemed happy with his lot. We had no choice other than to muzzle train him which broke our hearts as he wasn’t a threat to anyone. Storm was very well travelled, enjoying days out to the coast, visiting the arboretum and the countryside, touring towns and cities and going into dog friendly cafes for a bite to eat. Everyone he met loved him and couldn’t understand why he was under the Dangerous Dogs Act and had to be muzzled when he was so affectionate.

In January 2015 Storm developed a few lumps on his body and was sadly diagnosed with mast cell tumours which were removed straight away. We were warned that more could manifest and we were devastated. That was when the 2 people he loved most in the world, who had already taken him on so many adventures, decided to take him home and be there for him always. Storm thrived even more, sleeping on the bed with his head on the pillow, and wherever else he wanted to be with the run of the house, accompanying them almost everywhere they went. He had to have more tumours removed but he recovered well and life was wonderful for him, happiness and contentment written all over his beautiful face.

Storm was 12 years old when it was time for him to say goodbye to those he loved and who loved him dearly. This so called ‘dangerous dog’ with the kindest eyes was adored by so many, touching everyone’s hearts who had the pleasure of meeting him along the way. He is so missed and mourned and will always be remembered running free with no muzzle in his ‘freedom meadow’. You will only ever be just a heartbeat away precious boy and will live in our hearts forever. We will love you always.