Corporate Volunteer Day with Holly Hedge

Involving your employees in organising fundraising activities or taking part in volunteer projects for Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a great way of building team spirit, motivation and morale. It is an ever increasingly important aspect of employee training and development.

There are many ways for your business to get involved with our charity – from volunteering days to sponsorship to taking part in one of our Corporate Challenges…

  • Corporate Volunteer Days
  • Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Corporate Challenge Events

Take a look at our partnership packages here.

For further information on corporate volunteering and sponsorship email [email protected].

A volunteer group day here is very varied – and always hands-on! Predominantly the day will involve some site maintenance tasks, including litter picking, grass cutting, painting, path clearing…we’ll know much closer to the time what you and your team will be doing. If time allows we can offer some time with our resident animals, though this is not guaranteed. We are happy to take up to a maximum of 8 volunteers max at any one time and we hold volunteering days on a Wednesday & Thursday.

Whilst we would like to be able to accept every offer of voluntary assistance we have to be mindful of the administration required, so due to such a wonderful demand for corporate volunteering days, we do usually prioritise those that can help to fundraise £500 for us in advance or select one of our Sponsorship Packages.

If you’re keen to go ahead and book in a day to volunteer with us, great! Please contact [email protected] and let us know if you need any fundraising tips!