Rehoming Your Cat Questionnaire

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    Previous Homes:
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    What reasons has your cat been rehomed in the past:  

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    Why do you need to rehome your cat*:  


    Is your cat neutered*:   If yes give date:

    Has your cat had any litters*:   If yes give date(s):  

    If yes enter date:   Against:   

    If yes enter date:   and Product Used:  

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    Any other ongoing health problems*:
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    Any operations, other than neutering*:
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    Which Veterinary Practice is your cat registered*:  

    Can we have a copy of your cat's veterinary history*:
    Please note this is required for all animals that we take in for rehoming, to ensure we are meeting their needs.


    What food do you give your cat?

    Describe food types, quantity and times feed*:  

    Is your cat used to treats*:
    If yes give details:  

    Are there any dietary restrictions that apply*:
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    Describe the temperament of your cat*:  

    Is there anything your cat can be anxious/scared of*:
    If yes give details and describe any steps taken to lessen/manage any anxieties:  

    How does your cat behave when attending a veterinary surgery*:  

    Does your cat have any problems being handled anywhere on its body*:
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    Would you describe your home environment as quiet, normal or busy*:

    Who currently lives in the home with your cat:
    No. of Adults*:   No. of children*:
    If children what ages: Less than 112345678910111213141516 years old (Select all that are applicable)

    Does your cat get on/interact well with and respond to everyone in the home*:
    If no give details:  

    Used to or lived with dogs*:
    If yes give breed, sex, neutering status:  

    Used to or lived happily with other cats*:

    How long is your cat used to being left alone*:  

    Is your cat litter tray trained*:

    Does your cat live on a Quiet or Busy Road*:

    Does your cat live in a Country, Suburban or Urban area*:

    Does your cat use a cat flap*:

    Is your cat an Indoor/Outdoor cat*:


    What do you feel your cat needs from a new home:

    Would your cat benefit/be okay in a family home with children*:
    If yes how young a child could they live with: years old

    Do you feel your cat would be okay in a busy family home, or a more quiet/calm home environment*:

    How much company does your cat need*:  

    If rehoming more than one pet would they need to be homed together*:
    If yes please explain:  


    Please add any other comments you feel are not covered by this questionnaire, the more information we have, the better we can help find the right home for your cat's needs:


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