COVID-19 Update 5th April 2020

It’s a difficult time for so many, and we want to keep all of you, our wonderful supporters up to date with everything happening at the Sanctuary.

It has been an incredibly strange and strained two weeks, and we have to commend all of you for everything you’ve done so far and helping us stay positive, as well as our incredible staff working extra hard for our animals.

Many shelters have had to stop intake of animals completely, but with so many people concerned for their livelihoods or suddenly finding themselves more isolated than ever before, there are many cats and dogs who need us.
We have 40 dogs and cats on a waiting list, and are receiving daily requests from people who need to re-home their animals. We are having to prioritise the most urgent that cannot stay at home under any circumstance, and we will be telling you their stories. We are giving behaviour advice for those who can keep their animals for now, and doing the best we can over the phone.

Meet two of our newest residents, Dougie and Daisy who came into our care earlier this week. Dougie and Daisy belonged to an elderly man who has COPD, and before the pandemic his children had helped him care for Dougie and Daisy with regular visits and walks. With vulnerable people being told to self-isolate and being so high risk, he had a heartbreaking choice to make. He knew he couldn’t care for the dogs on his own, and whilst his family could take him in, they already had dogs of their own and knew Dougie, Daisy and their own dogs wouldn’t cope in one house together. So Dougie and Daisy have come into our care and are currently being fostered, and we have promised to find them a home where they will be just as loved as they always have been.

This virus has claimed many victims, and there will be many deeply sad separations for so many in the months to come. We will continue to do everything we can, but to carry out this vital work, we need funding. Funding which we would have received from a range of activities that can sadly no longer go ahead due to this worldwide pandemic. Please help us continue to say yes to animals like Dougie and Daisy. Thank you xx