Donate Your Commute

Donate Your Commute

As you know, some of our team have moved into the Sanctuary during this lock down period to look after the animals, and it got us thinking….. How lovely it is to get up in the morning, and be at work within minutes, instead of sitting the the notoriously busy Bristol traffic? That really is a HUGE positive for many of us, right?

And then we recently received a wonderful donation from a lovely person who realised that they had saved £250 by not commuting, and they decided to give it to us instead – which really hit us in the feels, as we know this isn’t an easy time for many.

It also got us thinking, what a lovely idea this was, and that maybe, just maybe you might like to donate your commute too? Maybe the price of your daily bus tickets, or your weekly petrol bill, or your parking costs?

It would make a big difference to us right now, and would help us to continue helping those who need us.

If you would like to donate all, or some of your commute, please use the donate option here, or donate via our website.

We hope you are finding lots of positives during this mad time too.

Stay safe and look after yourselves, and each other.