Meet Molly!

We thought you’d like to get to know a little bit about our core team members who are still taking care of the animals at the Sanctuary. Meet Molly!

How long have you been at Holly Hedge?
I’ve been at Holly Hedge for 8 years. I started off volunteering once a week for a year for my college course, and I then got offered casual work which led up to full time work and the rest is history!

What made you choose to join Holly Hedge?
It is like my second family. I love everyone I work with and have built some of the best friendships here, and will continue to love them all always, and I treat the dogs like they are my own (especially Coco who comes home with me occasionally for sleepovers).

What is your role here?
My main role is feeding, training and exercising the dogs and cleaning their kennels, and I love being bossy, especially with Lois (my best friend here) she just rolls her eyes at me sometimes!

What is your favourite thing to do here?
I love to do lots of enrichment with the dogs and teach them new tricks and try and get them over any fears and weaknesses they might have. It makes me so proud when the dogs make improvements with certain things in your care. I love it when they find amazing homes and I always try to keep in touch with adopters via email with photos etc and sometimes meeting up with them for dog walks.
The majority of the time I have a foster dog at home, (usually puppies that are too young to be in kennels), but sometimes just dogs that don’t cope with kennel life. I do find it very hard to give them up when they find a home but it’s also lovely to see them find their forever home.

What are you doing to keep away quarantine boredom?
I’m still at work 5 days a week so I’m pretty lucky because that keeps me entertained, and after walking all the doggos I’m pretty tired when I get home. I do have 2 dogs of my own (Chico and Carlos, 2 chihuahuas) so they usually keep me busy demanding cuddles and tickles, and at the minute I’m fostering Coco our long stay resident (chihuahua cross) I do have a bit of an obsession with that breed and think they’re often misunderstood. My other favourite breed is a staffie. When I’m not working I’m usually watching Disney films and drinking wine!

Tell us your favourite joke.
What do you call a frozen dog?
A pupsicle