Let’s see who we will meet in our COVID-19 Isolation Conversation today…

Meet Sadie

How long have you been at Holly Hedge?
Just over 3 years now.

What made you choose to join Holly Hedge?
I’ve pretty much always worked or volunteered with animals. Jobs don’t come up very often at Holly Hedge, so when one did I jumped at the chance. The whole ethos of Holly Hedge and they way they go the extra mile for the animals really attracted me to the job.

What is your role here?
I’m Dog Lock up staff. So basically I normally work alongside our volunteers let out the dogs out at night for last wees and walks, then tuck them up. Plus give them any food or medication they need (and cuddles!).

What is your favourite thing to do here?
My real interest is in behaviour and my favourite thing is spending time with the dogs and forming a bond with our more longer term residents. Not all of our dogs have the best start in life and some of the dogs we take on need more time before they are rehomed because of health or behavioural reasons. There is nothing better than seeing a dog come out of their shell over their time with us and then watching them get the forever home they deserve.

What are you doing to keep away quarantine boredom?
I have 3 dogs including my failed foster Jasper and they keep me pretty busy. Otherwise I’m trying grow my own veg (when the dogs aren’t digging up the garden) and playing Animal Crossing.

Tell us your favourite joke.
See the picture below!