Misinformation about Cats and COVID-19

We were so disappointed to see the BBC promote misinformation about cats and COVID-19.
There remains no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 to humans from pets. Emerging reports of very few animals show potential transmission from infected humans with the virus to cats and dogs, but more research is needed.

Currently, the only known way for humans to catch the virus from animals is if an infected person were to spread the virus to the fur of an animal (through sneezing etc), and an uninfected person were then to immediately touch the animal and then touch their face, and there are no recorded incidents of this. To avoid any possibility of this, just keep washing your hands.

Please read and share the articles below from The British Veterinary Association. It is heartbreaking to think someone vulnerable might believe this and out of fear rehome their animal. Shelters around the world (including us) are so strained already, misinformation about animals passing the virus to people will only put further pressure on the already stretched resources of those working tirelessly to help vulnerable animals.

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