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Meet Lucinda

How long have you been at Holly Hedge?
3.5 years

What made you choose to join Holly Hedge?
I had been volunteering with some local cat rescues for many years in Chester and decided it was time to relocate south to be closer to my family. Holly Hedge was the purrfect place as it is a small, independent charity with the same values and beliefs.

What is your role here?
Kennel & Cattery Manager

What is your favourite thing to do here?
I love everything about my job, but I do enjoy fostering. Especially the orphan kittens that need extra TLC. Every summer my front room turns into the kitten den where I had up to 10 kittens at any one time needing hand-rearing and socialising.

What are you doing to keep away quarantine boredom?
Work – I live on site so am working 24/7. Delivering kittens and living like a cat for much needed donations.
I might also learn how to cook better whilst we are on rations.
Also looking after my little colony of 7 cats, all rescues.

Tell us your favourite joke.
What do you call a pile of kittens?
A meow-tin