Rescue Never Stops

A few weeks ago we were called out to help rescue a colony of cats living in a warehouse. We try to keep this page happy and light, because no matter what physical state an animal is in when it comes to us, the only way is up, and we endeavour to make every new day better than the last.

These pictures show the cold hard reality of the situations many stray cats and dogs are found in. There were 13 cats in this warehouse, and as many of them have never seen humans before they were terrified and ran from us. Fortunately some nice people had visited a few times and fed them so some of the cats were much easier to trap than the others. It took multiple trips from many kind individuals to this horrendous warehouse, but we now have all 13 cats safely in our care. They each have a name, their own clean, safe space and delicious regular meals. We have started the work that takes the longest time but is the most rewarding, teaching them to trust us so we can find them their forever homes.

As people are going back to work we are receiving many calls weekly about stray cats finding shelter in buildings that have been quiet until now, and as the temperature has been rising, the amount of kittens being born is steadily climbing. With many other shelters having to run reduced rescue services or TNR (trap, neuter, release) programmes on hold, we are concerned for the future and how many of these litters will go un-rescued, leading to a rise in the stray cat population. It will cost us £221 just to vaccinate these cats, and each will need to be spayed and neutered. In summer neutering and spaying cats in our care typically costs us £660 – £1,790 each month.

We are asking for your help in preparing us for what is likely to be our busiest kitten season yet. Please donate here whatever you can to help us through these trying times using this link here, thank you.