Janice & Mr Heckles
  • Name: Janice & Mr Heckles
  • Location: On Site
  • Status: Available
  • Breed: Calico and Black DSH
  • Age: D.O.B. 12.09.23
  • Sex: Female & Male
  • Type of Road: Quiet
  • Time able to be left : Red: 2-3 hrs
  • Good with Children: No
  • Good with Dogs: No
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Reason for Rehoming: Strays
  • Ideal Home: Quiet, Patient and Loving Home

Please adopt Janice & Mr Heckles.

Oh my …

These two cutie pies have been in a wonderful foster home for 6 months, where their lovely foster carer has done an amazing job with them.  Now they’re a bit older and have gained in confidence, they are back at Holly Hedge and here’s what their foster carer has to say about them:

‘Janice and Mr Heckles are a very strongly bonded pair.  They are never apart, they play, eat and sleep together all the time.  They are much more confident now, playing a lot and doing zoomies around the house.  They’re probably at the stage where they would enjoy being outside to burn off some of that energy.  My house is very quiet which has given them confidence and they are slowly getting used to unusual noises. They don’t mind my hairdryer, electric toothbrush and  coffee grinder. Still not too sure about the vacuum cleaner and are run away frightened when someone knocks on the front door or when letters are delivered and rattle the letterbox.

They always want to interact with me and will follow me around the house to be in the same room as me. They also like to sleep on my bed with me. Janice is super tame and affectionate, wants to be on my lap constantly if I sit down and really enjoys tickles and strokes.  She does not like to be picked up but will come to you if you let her.

Mr Heckles is not quite so tame yet. He is still anxious although wants to be with humans. I stroke him everyday but this is on his terms.  It is usually when he is relaxed and lying on my bed.  He is getting more and more used to it and this week I have had a first where he has purred when I have stroked him, this was a huge breakthrough.  I have been gaining his trust through patience and taking it very slowly.

When I was away last weekend, my daughter came to look after them both.  They had not let Holly touch them previously, but both interacted with her a lot, sitting on her and Janice wanted all the strokes.  I think that this is good as it shows they are more trusting with other humans, not just me.

I would say that they need to be in quiet house where someone has the patience to win their trust.  They are lovely cats and have a lot of love to give to the right person and in right situation.’

If you have the right home environment and would like to share your future with Janice and Mr Heckles, then please contact the rehoming team. Thank you.

To apply for Janice & Mr Heckles, please email  [email protected]   stating your current situation & working hours and reasons for wanting to adopt them.  Please note, we can only accept applications that match their needs.  Therefore, also consider if your work hours and situation will still be suitable on a long term basis.  Thank you.

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