Svenita, Tove & Freda
  • Name: Svenita, Tove & Freda
  • Location: On Site
  • Status: Available
  • Breed: Tabby and Torty & White DSH
  • Age: TBC
  • Sex: Female & Male
  • Type of Road: Quiet
  • Time able to be left : Green: 8-9 hrs
  • Good with Children: No
  • Good with Dogs: No
  • Good with Cats: Each Other
  • Reason for Rehoming: Owner Passed Away
  • Ideal Home: Rural, Outdoor Farm or Stables

Please adopt Svenita, Tove and Freda!

Svenita, Tove & Freda are looking for a new home after sadly losing the person looking after them. They would love to find a home together, but without any other cats as Svenita and Tove are cat flu carriers.

They would preferably be looking for a semi-feral set up.  A place where they can come as go as they please, but still have someone regularly checking up on them. Tove is more confident, and will follow at your heels when feeding time comes around. Tove even lets some of our staff get a few pets in every so often.

Freda has shown that she is comfortable being in the company of people.  She absolutely loves her food, and is always quickly on the heels of whoever is bringing in her next meal!   Although Freda is more confident around people, she is still not keen on being touched.  That said, she will happily play with you if you find the right toy!

Their new owners will need to understand that these three have boundaries which should not be pushed and that they will make their boundaries known. The trio will often be seen sunbathing out in our catios and will undoubtedly appreciate a permanent home in which to continue this hobby!

To apply for Svenita, Tove & Freda please email  [email protected]   stating your current situation & working hours and reasons for wanting to adopt them.  Please note, we can only accept applications that match their needs.  Therefore, also consider if your work hours and situation will still be suitable on a long term basis.  Thank you.

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