• Name: Betsy
  • Location: Home from Home
  • Status: Reserved
  • Breed: Westie
  • Age: 7 years
  • Sex: Female
  • Good with Children: No
  • Good with Dogs: Yes, Some
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Time able to be left: Red: 0-3 hrs
  • Height of Fence Required: 1.2m (4ft)

Please adopt Betsy (Westie)

Meet Betsy, this dear little soul had the worst start to life, believed to have been used as a caged breeding bitch for a couple of years.  She was rescued from that terrible situation by her current owner to give her a better life.  Very sadly, due to the trauma those early years have clearly caused, Betsy, even after four years of being with her owner, is still fairly shut down and has not bonded with the family.   She is still very much keeping herself to herself.

It could well be that Betsy is finding her home a little too busy for her, with other dogs and children in the mix.  Her owners were hoping with all their hearts, that over time this would improve.  But they have now come to the very hard decision to rehome her in the hope that she will learn to relax and grow in confidence.  Above all, they just want her to be happy in the right environment with some very special humans.

Betsy is understandably a very nervous girl, and will only leave her safe space when no one is around.  She will go into the garden on the odd occasion, again when no one is around.  She will not walk on a lead, so doesn’t go out unless carried.   Consequently she isn’t house trained, but does use puppy pads.

Betsy is such a sad girl, but we are hopeful and optimistic that in the right environment, and with a very patient owner, this girl could blossom.  And what an amazing achievement that would be for both Betsy and her human.  This will not happen overnight and it will need to be a very slow, softly softly approach.  Also with the expectation that things may not improve.  But this girl is so deserving of the chance of finding happiness and we will do our utmost to see that happens.

To apply for Betsy, please email  [email protected]  stating your current situation & working hours and reasons for wanting to adopt her.  Please note, we can only accept applications that match her needs.  Therefore, also consider if your work hours and situation will still be suitable on a long term basis.  Thank you.

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