I was lucky enough to adopt Albert from Holly Hedge in December 2017. At the time, I lived alone and was working full time. I think I met every cat in Holly Hedge who was ‘green’ for being left alone and more. Albert (or Tiger as he was named then) was the last cat I met and had a note that he was very shy and nervous. However, he approached me as soon as I went into his pen, purring and wanting head rubs. I always say that Albert chose me, not the other way around! The staff at Holly Hedge allowed me to take Albert home in between Christmas and New Year, as I had time off work. After a nervous day or two settling in, he was snuggling up on the sofa with me before New Years Eve.

I never realised that cats could be so bonded to a person – Albert is like my shadow. He knows my routines and would sleep beside me all night long. I haven’t been able to close a door in my house since he moved in, and he’s even been known to curl up on the bath mat whilst I’m in the shower! Despite this, he was always very nervous around other people, usually hiding if I had visitors. He’s got a bit more confident as the years have gone by, and even travelled with me to my mum’s in Hampshire for Christmas 2019.

2020 was a big year for Albert as my partner moved in, and we also adopted a kitten. It only took about a year of my partner feeding and giving him treats before Albert started to accept strokes from him! I was amazed at how having a companion brought Albert out of his shell. The two cats have such different personalities, but are great buddies. Albert loves belly rubs, and he’s over the moon that we now have a recliner sofa, so he can stretch out on my legs for full fluffy belly access.

Since 2020 I work from home, which Albert loves. He now acts like I’ve been gone for weeks if I’ve been out to the supermarket! So much for being “green” ?

I’m so grateful to Holly Hedge for bringing Albert and I together, and giving so many other animals a second chance.

And we are so grateful to Emma for adopting Albert – that instant connection between a cat and a human is priceless and Albert certainly made an outstanding choice in his ‘paw-rent’ selection!