Well, what can we say about our Arlo boy?

Arlo was originally a Romanian Rescue who had already been rehomed before coming to Holly Hedge. When we saw his little face (and humongous ears) online, we knew he was the one for us, even more so when we then saw him at Holly Hedge and fell even more in love with him.

Since adopting this floofball of pure chaos, he has definitely kept us on our toes however he is the perfect company and has developed into a little explorer. Arlo’s adventures have included exploring the fields and mountains that we’re lucky to have as a back garden; endless forest hikes; one accidental all day hike, weekly long runs and beach days where Arlo has unleashed his absolute PASSION for dig dig digging!

Arlo has also started puppy training to refresh his skills, and is doing extremely well – trainers often comment on how much of a smart boy he is, and Arlo continues to impress them with his quick learning. At the moment, Arlo is still working to focus whilst out as he wants to make friends with nearly every other pup he sees, and cuddles from every passer-by – but he’s getting there!

Arlo has also celebrated his first ever birthday since coming home, enjoying this with a pupcake, hike, and a super long session in the secure field and forest- Oh and he dressed up especially for the occasion with a super smart dickie bow.

Arlo’s personality has definitely started to shine through, and is often the centre of attention whilst out and about with everyone wanting to pet those giant ears and tail. We are so excited for the adventures yet to come.

Thanks Holly Hedge for allowing us to bring our Arlo home!

We are so happy that Arlo’s ‘pawrents’ fell in love with him, (and his ears!) and that he is having such a fun packed life, full of adventures. What a lucky pup this smart chap is and he had so much to celebrate on his first birthday!