After our beloved cat passed away in September 2021, we were a few months without a cat in our household which was very strange. I had been thinking about adopting an older cat and had been looking on re homing charity websites for our next feline friend. I am a veterinary surgeon and I thought it would be a good idea to re home a cat that needed a little extra care. Through a combination of circumstances, we were made aware that an older cat, ‘Dolores’ was looking for her forever home. I’ll hand over to Dolores to tell the rest of the story…

‘I was found as a stray in winter 2021. Not much is known about where I came from or my previous home but someone must’ve loved me at one time as I really enjoy cuddles and fuss. When I was taken to the vet they realised I was very thin and ran some blood tests to see if there was anything wrong. I had diabetes which meant I was losing weight and needed some medication to help get me back on track. It’s lucky I was taken into the vet as if I had been left to fend for myself I wouldn’t have made it, diabetes can be life-threatening and needs daily injections to manage. I went to Holly Hedge where they took good care of me while I waited for a special owner to take me home, I got plenty of fuss and cuddles which is my favourite thing in the world. I wasn’t sure if I would find my forever home as it can be a lot to manage my injections every day. Then one day I had a visit from a lovely family, I jumped straight on the lady’s lap as soon as she crouched down to pet me! I went home with them where I have a nice fire to cosy up in front of every night and plenty of cuddles throughout the day. As I am an older feline now, my favourite thing is to sit on a lap and have a snooze. My diabetes is well controlled now so I’m not thin anymore, and I’m also on some medication for arthritis as I’m a bit stiff in my old age. As you can see from my photos I look ’10 years younger’ and I’m sure it’s because I feel safe and happy in a loving home. If you ever wonder if an older cat is for you, please give us a chance. We give so much love and all we ask for is the same in return.

Dolores really does look 10 years younger and we just can’t believe this incredible transformation from the cat who first arrived at Holly Hedge, clinging desperately onto us and not wanting to let go, as we cradled her delicate little body in our arms and promised we’d do everything possible to help her. Little did we imagine that she would make quite such a miraculous recovery and find her ‘dream home’ for which we are so happy and grateful.