Max and Mirabel

You are sure to remember the heartfelt plea our dear little duo comprising Max & Mirabel wrote for themselves, (with the help of Pauline!) back in July, as they, just like us, couldn’t understand why they were still waiting to be adopted. Well…….. one special day early in September turned out to be when all that waiting would come to an end and just a week later we had the following update from their lovely new owners:

‘Just a quick line to let you know that one week on, Max & Mirabel are settling in nicely. Well actually you’d think they’d always lived here!

They’re very obedient and certainly like company. I always have an entourage wherever I go around the house & garden. Max has more energy than Mirabel it seems – he loves a long ball game, whereas Mirabel is happy in a sunny spot or following the tortoise around. They were both extremely fascinated by him at first and kept pawing him (behaviour which we managed to quickly stop with a loud hand clap). Now I think Mirabel is just looking to make friends with him as she’s finally found a four-legged resident that’s smaller than her!

They’ve had a few walks in the local area and next week we will take them to our village park for a longer walk – but definitely not off the lead. There’s too many rabbit holes up there for little dogs to investigate! They’re also going in to meet our local vet next week, but before both of these visits I will be buying better quality harnesses, as I didn’t realise how much little dogs can wriggle! Dog ownership on this smaller scale is a whole new education for us, but we couldn’t have found a lovelier pair of pooches to teach us. ?

A few days ago, we had another uplifting update:

‘All is well here, and M&M are even more adorable then when we first met them. They are so obedient & affectionate that they’re almost perfect. However, that is excepting Mirabel’s anti-dog stance obviously! She is now on her third harness as her wriggling skills defy belief, but this latest model has a belly strap that stops her getting out of it backwards. And I can report that we have had several pub lunches with the two of them – one a little noisy I must admit – but progress is good and they seemed to enjoy the adventure of it all. Mirabel has also now declared herself the proud mother of our tortoise, licking his face and protectively guarding him from any interest Max may show. She is very happy now the tortoise has to come in on cold nights and will warn Max off approaching his box. I just hope she isn’t upset when he disappears for five months to hibernate!

I’m still amazed & saddened that they were with you for so long, but so glad they were still there for us to find when we were looking to adopt.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do for all our animal friends.