Hello, my name is Ozzy and I arrived at Holly Hedge along with my brother when we were around 12 weeks old. We were happy there, we got lots of lovely walks and plenty of yummy food and a nice comfy bed to sleep in. Then one day my brother went out for a walk without me and never came back. I felt really sad, I missed him and didn’t like being alone, but I wasn’t alone for long. Before I knew it I was adopted too and in my forever home, or so I thought….I’m not really sure what happened, but it wasn’t long before I was back in my old kennel at Holly Hedge.

My kennel was very close to reception, so I would get to see the people coming and going and all the ladies who worked in reception would always stop to say hello to me. There was one lady who always made an extra fuss of me and I liked her a lot, she said that I looked so sad, that she couldn’t bear to see me like that anymore, and decided to foster me. So she took me to her home with her and I soon became best mates with her dog, Taz, he was a Jack Russell.

We all got along really well, so much so that she couldn’t let me go to live with anyone else and adopted me.

That was 11 years ago and since then there have been a lot of new doggy friends coming and going. My Mum has fostered many dogs over the years, I never know what to expect when she gets home from work. My Mum calls herself ‘a failed fosterer’, with good reason, as I now have 3 brothers and a sister, who she says “just kind of fitted in”. She was right, we all live happily together, all rescues, all with very different beginnings but all with the same happy ending.

We just love a ‘failed fosterer’ as do all the animals who end up living with them forever! Ozzy was obviously always going to work his charms on his mamma and stay right where he belonged! We are so grateful to her for fostering and adopting so many precious souls and for constantly having a house full of dogs!