We are so blessed to have this wonderful little character in our lives. He has helped us all to recover from the premature loss of our dear Toby in October. We advocate to everyone who expresses an interest in getting a dog to adopt not buy. Reggie has settled in well, he’s definitely a daddy’s boy, choosing to snuggle with Grant at every opportunity. He loves life as an office dog, regularly stealing the show at zoom meetings. He also loves going on the school run in the afternoon and has quite a fan club. He knows when it’s time to go to school and starts trying to herd us towards the door. As you can imagine Reggie absolutely loves all the fuss and attention. Reggie is obsessed with sticks, he has his favourites stacked by the front and back door, often finding a good stick whilst on a walk and insisting on carrying it all the way home. We’re not sure that Reggie knows he’s not a puppy, every now and then he runs around the house at hundred miles an hour, then rolling on his back or shaking his toys. We love his mad whoopie moments. We took a day trip to Glastonbury and walked up to the Tor. Reggie was very well behaved and didn’t mind the brisk wind. We also went to a dog friendly restaurant where Reggie had lots of fuss from the waitress who thought he was very cute.

We have always had rescue dogs and would always encourage others to do the same. They bring so much unconditional love, joy and energy to our lives. Many thanks to everyone at Holly Hedge for the amazing work you do for all animals.
Grant, Kelly, Georgina and Jessica

It’s so heart-warming knowing that Reggie has helped his lovely family in such a special way. We think it’s safe to say that Reggie knows where home is and that he has made himself extremely comfortable there! We’re so grateful to his new family for giving him such a fun, enriched and very relaxing lifestyle. We also know someone else who’ll be over the moon to see this – Spencer Flay our fabulous fundraising musician friend who came to visit us in December and spent time with some of our dogs. Spencer’s heart was completely stolen by Reggie and seeing these photos will totally make his day!