Speaking of events, back in June, we told you the marvellous news about Rio, a gorgeous little staffy who, at 11 years old, was looking for his forever home. This he found after we took him along to Volksfest the previous month in his ‘Please Adopt Me’ jacket and the rest, as they say, is history!

‘Well where can I start? What an amazing loving little dog with a massive heart. Do you know what, we couldn’t have asked for a better friend than Rio, I like to think we found each other. After we lost our last dog Archie we were so lost as a family after 14 years of being with him, always coming with us, he wasn’t just a pet he was a family’s best friend. We were lost, nothing seemed the same.

We went to Bristol Volksfest this year, we were walking around all day looking at other people’s dogs missing Archie. It wasn’t till the end of the day we were going on and said ‘do one more lap then head home’. We had walked past this stall about 10 times during the day not realising it was yourselves doing Charity work. We turned around and saw this little Staffy with a please adopt me jacket on. We thought how cute is he? and couldn’t resist going over. And Rio well he instantly won us all over, we weren’t looking for a replacement for Archie but we were all thinking we could give this little chap as much love as he can take for as long as he wants. Yes he will be 12 in February, but so what? We are an Animal family and think all deserve love from start to the end. Rio made us all feel whole again. We love him and looking at these pictures we think he feels the same way. Full of life, loves to play, we are still learning about each other but 100% we love each other. Where we go Rio comes, even came on our date night last week down the coast for fish and chips. He has the biggest smile I think I have ever seen on a Staffy – could not imagine not coming home to his smile.

Rio is super lovely he actually gives like a proper cuddle around your neck, we all think the world of him. He gets on well with my sister’s dog as well playing in the garden, he will get all the love from us all.

Thank you to all at Holly Hedge for making our family whole again after Archie and giving us the chance to love our Bestie friend Rio, we love him to bits. We really appreciate the chance to rehome him. Rio is like the dog from Heaven, honestly.

Rio’s new Dad told us that if he had the chance to build a dog, it would be exactly the same as Rio, as he wouldn’t change a thing! And we would love to be able to build many more families just like Rio’s!