Shoes and Socks

We have long been fans of Holly Hedge, having first visited 17 years ago when we adopted 2 little sisters called Elvis and Jinx. They went onto become a huge part of our lives and family, but sadly in May this year we had to say goodbye to both of them, which broke our hearts.

However after a few months we decided it was time to adopt the next generation of Holly Hedge residents. Enter Shoes and Socks! And from day one what a joy they have been. They were found at 3 weeks old with no mum in sight so were consequently hand reared. So first of all a huge thank you to the foster home who saved the kittens when they were not much more than tiny little scraps of things. The love and patience you showed has resulted in shaping the most loving, tactile cats we have ever had.

When they were big enough Socks and Shoes moved to Holly Hedge, where we met them at the beginning of September. We fell in love with them straightaway and a week later they moved in with us. Fast forward 3 months and we can’t imagine not having them. Socks (the littler one) is definitely the most mischievous and Shoes is a little more ‘sensible’. They love boxes and tissue paper, so our house now resembles a recycling centre with their cardboard toys everywhere, and despite having numerous places to sleep during the day, they chose my desk as their favourite spot (which makes Zoom calls much more fun!)

Thank you Holly Hedge Heroes, the work you do is outstanding and makes the world a better place. I know many of your team are volunteers and the selfless help you provide is so appreciated. I will finish off by saying how much we love our second hand bundles of fur. Having animals back in the house again makes our family feel complete.

Holly, Ryan, and Florence x