To everyone who looked after me at Holly Hedge,

Well it’s been 10 weeks since being chosen and me choosing my new family from Cornwall.

I can’t believe I have a furry new friend to play with too. We just love to do zoomies around the garden it’s so much fun and I have loads of toys that I share with Molly. I love playing frisbee and even have a ball that glows in the dark.

Since living in Bude we have been out for lovely walks opposite my new home where there is a field to run in and play and do lots of sniffing. I also get a little treat every time I return and sit on a recall.

Some weekends we all go to the beach and I help Meg and Alfie dig big holes and then we all go for a paddle in the sea. I love to chase the bubbly water and get a really sandy face. I have so much fun each time we go.

I love snuggling with Molly at night, but at first I struggled to go to sleep when everyone went off to bed. Mum has been working with me on this and has been really patient with me, sleeping on the sofa so I could see her through a glass panelled door. I am so proud of myself now as the past couple of weeks I don’t worry anymore as I know I will see everyone for breakfast in the mornings. Mum now gets to go to bed and I settle straight away in my cosy bed with Molly by the radiator in the kitchen.

I also got myself really worried when anyone left the room even if they were just to going to the loo, or for a minute or two to do a small chore somewhere else in the house. I have got so much better as mum uses yummy treats to reward me when calm but there is still a little way to go. ThankfulIy I have a great family around me who love having me around.

I have a snazzy neck scarf as apparently “I rock red” and I love it. Can’t wait to have my first pamper session at the grooming parlour next week either.

I feel like I’ve been here for ever and know I’m going to enjoy being part of the family. Looking forward to chilling out tonight in front of the tv even though sometimes I still get a bit excited or sometimes anxious and race towards the screen.

Keep hearing the word Christmas mentioned, sounds a lot of fun, wonder if I’ll get a Christmas jumper this year?

I’m loving my new home. I know I have a lot still to learn as I grow up but I’m doing my best and I know that my new family understand that I’m just a little boy with lots of energy that just needs to be loved.

Thank you Holly Hedge for finding my forever home.
Lots of love Teddy xxx