‘I adopted Tilly almost 2 years ago. I had lost my previous 15 year old cat Rosie a couple of months previously, she had an inoperable tumour on her lung. When she was gone I felt so lonely, and the house seemed so empty, and I knew that I had to get another cat, not to replace Rosie, but just for companionship and affection.

Tilly had been well looked after in her previous home, but was living with 2 other cats, and they didn’t like her or she them, so the previous owner decided that it would be for the best if she were to be rehomed.

She actually wasn’t at Holly Hedge for very long, and I was lucky enough to be able to adopt her fairly quickly. As she had lived in her previous home for some time she did take a few weeks to settle down, but after that it was as if she had always been here.

Tilly is very affectionate, but like a lot of cats, on her terms only, and she doesn’t hesitate to let you know when she’s had enough fuss, so she’s full of personality and charm!

I knew that because of my age I would have to adopt an older cat, and in fact she will be 14 in April, although you wouldn’t think so to look at her! It is a great comfort to me to know that if anything happens to me Holly Hedge will rehome her.

All in all I can thoroughly recommend adopting an older cat, they still have so much to give, and Tilly is a wonderful addition to the family, and I wouldn’t be without her.’
Tilly has even added her own captions to her photographs! What a clever cat!

We hope that Tilly’s touching story will encourage people to adopt an older cat – they really do have so much love to give and can always still work their magic on us, whatever their age!