Ziggy & Olive

Hellllooooooo there and Happy Holidays! Ziggy here. I just thought I’d drop a line to let you know how Olive and I are settling in since moving on from the kind folks at Holly Hedge. It’s been pretty darn good so far. We came home about three months ago now and we’re settling in nicely. We were a bit anxious at first (especially me!) but the people who took us on have been easing us into the new environment – lots of treats and even a bit of squeezy-cheesy. Yum! I still get nervous sometimes but it’s definitely getting better.

Both Olive and I really enjoy our daily walks – we’ve been visiting loads of fields and forests, and we’ve explored our local village. We even went to the coffee shop! Our mum and dad said our manners there were perfect. We’ve also been doing a lot of training- recall, sit/stay, polite greetings, etc. It’s ok, I guess, but I’d really much rather be chasing squirrels. Squirrels are the best! I’m always on the lookout for them on our walks and in the garden. Olive likes squirrels too, but not as much as I do. She’s a bit more laid back – her favourite thing to do is have a snooze in the sunshine.

Well, that’s about it for now. It’s time to curl up on the sofa with the family and watch some TV. Happy New Year!

We are literally over the moon that these two besties have found such a special home together where they are experiencing so much happiness and endless exciting adventures, (as well as plenty of cosy nights in by the fire). It’s a far cry from life on the streets of Egypt and their long journey to the safety of Holly Hedge, but we think it’s safe to say they’ve put all that well and truly behind them now.