Keep a Kennel Warm this Winter


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This year has shown us the impact kindness can have. So for the person who has everything, what could be a better gift than a safe and cosy space for a dog in need?

This gift will help us keep our kennels warm over winter, which is often one of our busiest periods as people purchase new puppies and kittens. Your love and support is very much appreciated, and we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be happy to know that a dog was kept warm this winter in their name!

You will be able to download an e-card you can print and send to the recipient, with a special message that you can personalise with their name. We’ve even made a handy guide in case you’d like to customise the e-card and email it instead!

If you would like to buy 2, 3 or more “Keep a Kennel Warm this Winter” for one person, please make your purchase and reply to the “Your Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary order is now complete” email. We will be happy to email you an edited version of the e-card that reflects the amount bought.-please note that you are required to input your info when purchasing a physical item from the Sanctuary. You will receive 2 emails (a) “Order Confirmation” (b) “Order is now Complete” from which you can download the e-card(s)!

Please note that we rescue hundreds of dogs every year, and our heating bills are often over £3,000 each month. For accounting purposes we must advise that anything raised over what is spent on our heating bills annually will be spent on other elements of vital care for our rescues.