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Our Patron Monty Halls joins us for our official kennel launch


We are celebrating the official launch of our new kennels. Our previous kennels were extremely dilapidated, crumbling and more than 30 years old.

The new state-of-the-art kennels definitely have the seal of approval, and our rescuees are far cosier and more relaxed.

Holly Hedge now boasts a sensory garden and plenty of green space for the animals to explore, and the animals are enjoying the upgrade.

The three long-stay rooms with their own little fenced in area are a great success too, and the dogs in there seem far more content, enjoying their home comforts, especially their sofas and armchairs.

There are also six large gardens, incorporating a sensory garden so our dogs can enjoy recreational time away from the kennels as well as walks in the woods.

Our wonderful Patron, friend and BBC presenter Monty Halls – who once adopted a dog from Holly Hedge for his television show Great Escape – was on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Mr Halls said Holly Hedge is ‘an extraordinary place run by extraordinary people’.

He added: “Without Holly Hedge many other beautiful dogs and cats would have gone to an early grave.

“Holly Hedge never puts a healthy animal to sleep. Some animals stay with them for years before they find a permanent home.

“It’s the sanctuary that never gives up on a dog or cat. This independent charity receives no funding and depends on the generosity of its supporters.”